Shannon Sullivan 


Height: 5'1"


Getting By                                     Nora           Webseries, dir. Peter Kendall

Raritan Bay Medical                       Lead           Commercial, Bitcon and Video Productions

Disconnected                                Shannon     Youtube Short, dir. Bryan Czerwinski

Blind Date                                     Sally            MSU short, dir. Thomas Long







We're Not So Different...                Firecat          Kat Funkhouser, Robert Moss, NYC

Spring Awakening(Play)                 Wendla        Jane Mendel, Luna Stage, NJ

Night Blooming Jasmine         Rachel-Mahalla   Artem Yastunov, Under St. Marks, NYC

Romeo and Juliet                           Juliet           Peter Zazzali, Fox Theatre, NJ

Tuesdays                                       Lu                Suzanne Trauth, Touring Company

The Crucible                          Mary Warren       Lea Eckert, Duncan Smith Theatre, NJ

Insula                                            Featured      Kari Margolis, Fox Theatre, NJ 




Montclair State University, College of the Arts, B.F.A in Acting

Improv (Jim Ligon) Contemporary(Suzanne Trauth) Classical(Julie Fain-Lawrence, Reg Flowers) Movement(Heater Benton, Ruth Clark) Voice(Diane Zaremba, Dianna Schoenborn) 

Kimball Studio

On Camera Audition and On Camera Comdey - Janine DiTullio

TCNJ Governor's School

Acting (Kay Potucek, Renie Weisband) Singing (Ken Elpus)

Master Classes

Acting(Ilene Starger, Jordan Baker)


Yoga,Belly Rolling, Singing (Mezzo), Tongue Snapping, NJ Drivers License, U.S Passport, Accents (Standard Stage, Southern,British)